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Constantine’s seventh episode, “Blessed Are the Damned,” brings us to a very small and unenthusiastic congregation in Kentucky. A preacher by the name of Zachary tries to fill the shoes of his father who passed away recently. By trying to get closer to his congregation, Pastor Zachary handles a deadly rattlesnake proving that they cannot harm him. Unfortunately for Zachary, the snake bites him, and he falls to the floor while the venom makes its way through his body. Suddenly, a feather appears in his hand, and he comes back to life. Believing he now has the power to heal, Pastor Zachary uses his newfound gift to heal an amputee, giving him back his leg.

After Zed has a vision of snakes, she and Constantine head to see the preacher. John knows that something is wrong when Pastor Zachary starts speaking in Enochian, the language of the angels. Zed is excited to hear that angels are real and even hopes to see Manny when Constantine tries to summon him. Naturally, Manny manifests in Zed’s place and gives them a clue as to where Pastor Zachary may have heard the Enochian.

John and Zed find an angel, Imogen, lying on the ground. She has fallen to Earth, which is why she is in a physical form. She explains that when she was going to take Pastor Zachary to heaven, he took one of her feathers. It is the feather that gives him the power of healing. In order to send Imogen back, Zed and Constantine must get the feather back to her.

Meanwhile, the first to be healed, the amputee, starts going crazy killing both a doctor and a cop before heading back toward the church in search of the preacher. John intercepts him and kills him before he can attack anyone else. Constantine explains that the man turned into a ghoul, which happens when magic has gone wrong.

Knowing that they have to get the feather back, Zed gets close to Pastor Zachary by allowing him to baptize her. She takes the feather from around his neck while he is performing the ritual. Constantine and Pastor Zachary work to keep the ghouls away from the rest of the congregation, while Zed takes the feather back to Imogen.

While Imogen is talking with Manny, she reveals that she made a mistake. She killed a mortal just to see how easy it would be. She continues to talk about how the humans have destroyed the world, and it should belong to the angels once again. Back at the church, Pastor Zachary confides in John that he has a mortal sin looming over his head. He killed a man in a drunk driving accident but never told anyone. Constantine realizes that the man was not on his way to heaven but was really on his way to hell.

Both Manny and Constantine realize that Imogen is truly a fallen angel and is working for evil, but it is too late. Zed returns with the feather and gives it back to the angel. Her wings turn black, and she tries to fly out of the barn. Luckily, the spell that Constantine made to keep evil out is also keeping evil in. Now, they have to work together to bring down Imogen, but Manny isn’t allowed to interfere even with John asking as Imogen has her hand around Zed’s neck. Manny disappears and manifests in Zed’s body which is still in the hands of Imogen. The best part of the episode comes from Manny as he ripped out Imogen’s heart. In great Manny fashion, he doesn’t stick around very long; and when Zed comes to, she’s holding the heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Zed was seen in art class doing a nude drawing. The man that was posing for the class asks Zed out on a date. She accepts, assuming that this is a harmless invitation. It is revealed at the end that this man, Eddie, has ulterior motives. After Zed cancels her date with Eddie, he is seen in a car with another man. When this man asks if Zed is coming, Eddie says that she is not. I’m guessing that these men do not have pure motives when it comes to whatever they want with Zed. We shall see what the next episodes have in store for our mysterious Zed. Has a piece of her past caught up with her?

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This episode was definitely one of the best so far. The story was great, and the twist ending was unexpected. If there was one character that really shined in this episode, it was Manny. We finally got to learn that he isn’t completely useless; he stepped up to the plate when it mattered most. His actions showed that he does care about John and Zed. It was also a good showcase of the many sides of the angels. I’m still waiting for the time when we can get John, Chas, and Zed on a case together. I guess I’ll be waiting a little while longer. I’m hoping this show gets a chance to keep exploring these characters; the writers are doing a great job of keeping the fans interested and making us constantly want more.
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