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Scorpion’s eleventh episode, “Revenge,” starts with thieves, in animal masks, breaking into a safe manufacturer. Even though the manager tries to calmly explain that they don’t have anything in the safes, he is shot and killed. The thieves use water to figure out the combination to one of the safes. The water level moved slightly when they hit a combination number. After they opened the safe, the thieves threw a bunch of bombs into the room and killed the remaining witnesses without hesitation.

Back at the garage, Paige tells Walter that Ralph got to stay over at his dad, Drew’s, the previous night. When Drew dropped Ralph off, he even had given Ralph a toy. Walter let his jealousy show through when he tried to discourage Drew by saying that Ralph likes telescopes. Careful, Walter, your emotional sides are showing. Drew even asks Paige out to dinner, which she didn’t accept on the spot but said she would think about it.

When the Scorpion team heads to the crime scene of the safe manufacturing company, they meet an Interpol agent. She informs them that the criminals behind this brutal scene are likely a group called The Ghosts, headed by Javier Acosta. Inside, they find evidence of the bombs used. The acid in the bombs is used to get rid of any DNA evidence while the oil in the bombs is used to compromise fingerprints. These guys are smart. The team works the crime scene, where Sylvester finds a bomb that hasn’t been detonated. Innocently enough, Sylvester moves a box away from the bomb, and it explodes sending our favorite emotional genius to the ICU.

The team all have their own ways of coping with the harm of one of their own. All Walter wants to do is work, Toby reminisces of good times with Sylvester, and Happy gets angry. Unfortunately, there’s no time to slow down; The Ghosts are already hunting down their next target. At the hospital, Walter’s sister, Megan is keeping an eye on Sylvester. After the surgeon removes a large piece of shrapnel from Sylvester’s chest, Megan calls in the team to examine it. The piece of plastic was used to keep the acid from eating through the metal box. Happy knows of a man who could have made the bombs, but he won’t talk easily.

Leave it to Cabe and the resident behaviorist, Toby, to get a confession out of the man. Toby pretends to be another suspect who works at a plastics factory. After Cabe fakes stabbing him in the leg for information, the suspect folds “like a card table,” as Toby would say.

The suspect, Dirty John, identifies Javier Acosta at the buyer of the bombs. He reveals that Acosta acquired 20 bombs but only 15 were used at the safe manufacturer. Now that the team knows that Acosta has only 5 IEDs left, they can narrow down the search of targets to hit. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sylvester has a grand mal seizure due to the swelling in his brain. The Scorpion team is having a hard time focusing of the case with their friend suffering.

They figured out that the next target is an armored vehicle. A cartel decided to move 100 million dollars worth of diamonds after they realizes that The Ghosts could get into their safe. The Scorpion team was too late to the armored car, so it turned into a car versus motorcycle chase. When Acosta ends up running on foot, Walter runs after him. Acosta tries to climb down a fire escape, which breaks on him. Hanging by one hand, he asks for Walter’s help. Walter hesitates but eventually gives in to help this criminal. Sadly, it is too late, and Walter can’t hold onto Acosta who falls to his death.

Since Sylvester is awake and fully functioning, the team goes to see him. They all reassure him that he will be just fine, and Walter says that he can’t wait to see Sylvester back at work. After they leave, Sylvester starts panicking. When Megan asks what’s wrong, he says that he no longer feels safe at Scorpion. He doesn’t know what he will do without that security. Only time will tell how this will affect the team dynamic. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of these dangerous missions.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This was definitely an emotional episode. It showed a side in the team that we haven’t gotten to see yet. They all value their brains highly, and when Sylvester has a chance of losing some of his genius, the team is very upset. Walter even takes the Interpol agent up on her offer of getting a drink after the case is over, but he can’t take her up on a more intimate encounter. Paige even goes out with Drew, and they seem very comfortable together again. The episode ends with all of the Scorpion crew around Sylvester’s hospital bed reading comic books. Make sure to tune in next week; the scenes show an intense episode ahead!
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