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Scorpion’s twelfth episode, “Dominoes,” proves to be an intense one! The episode starts off with some small talk at the garage. Paige brings Christmas decorations and gifts for the Scorpion team. It seems that none of them have ever had a good Christmas. Hopefully this Christmas can be different. Unfortunately, since it’s Christmas Eve, the Scorpion team will have to solve their current case before enjoying the holiday.

Meanwhile, Walter and his sister, Megan, are enjoying some time together on the beach. They notice a young boy and older girl attempting to fly a kite. When they are struggling, Walter takes a moment to show the boy how to fly the kite and gets it up in the air. Moments later, Walter and Megan feel a rumble in the ground. A rockslide buries the boy, Owen, in a sinkhole.

Walter and the Scorpion team get Owen a phone so that they can communicate through Skype. After getting a better idea of Owen’s surroundings, Sylvester calculates that he only has 56 minutes until he drowns. To make matters worse, Owen’s leg is pinned under a huge boulder, which is much to heavy for any man to lift; this also doesn’t take into account that Owen may have a punctured lung caused by a fractured rib. The Scorpion team must really put their best feet forward to save this boy’s life, and Sylvester is having some trouble with his calculations causing major frustrations with Walter.

While Happy and Toby work on building a device that will free Owen’s leg, Walter figures out a way to keep Owen alive while fully submerged in the caves. Walter uses medical technology to get Owen’s body oxygen without having him breathe. No one in charge can clear someone to go down into the cave with Owen to add the IVs needed to keep him alive. Walter goes down even though he’s advised against it and calms Owen down. Walter applies the machine that will get Owen the oxygen that his body needs.

Walter, Cabe, and Paige monitor Owen from the machine in the cave. Sylvester is feeling sorry for himself because Owen is “living his every nightmare.” Megan gives Sylvester some tough love, and he steps up to the plate to help keep the rocks from another rock slide from crushing the machine that is keeping Owen alive. Sadly, the boulder comes down and pinches shut the tubes that are providing oxygen to Owen. Walter tries to go down to get Owen out without any rescue equipment, but Cab stops him. Luckily, Toby shows up with the device just in time to attempt to save Owen.

Although Owen has been under water for more than five minutes without oxygen, Walter won’t give up. He says that he made Owen a promise and goes down into the now compromised tunnel to try and save the boy. During the rescue, the tunnel starts to collapse as Walter and Owen are coming up. Cabe was already halfway down the tunnel and was able to help pull Walter and Owen out. The paramedics were able to save Owen, and all is right in the world.

While Owen’s rescue may have been given the most screen time, the most touching part, to me, was when Happy’s Dad admitted that he knew exactly who she was. He let her know that he always loved her, and she even brought him back for Christmas dinner. The Scorpion team finally enjoyed a nice Christmas together. They even put on an elaborate domino chain reaction that led to a Christmas tree and some fake snow. Merry Christmas Scorpion team!

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
Well Owen’s rescue was a Christmas miracle, naturally. I’m no Grinch; I sure didn’t want the boy to die. Although, maybe with another case, it won’t be so easy. This was an intense episode showing a lot of emotion, even from Walter. Walter may have said he was only going back for the boy because he only states facts, but he sure showed a multitude of emotion working so hard to save this boy. The predictability of a procedural can only take a show so far. I have a feeling that Scorpion is one of the shows that can shake it up a bit. Only time will tell, and I’m willing to stick with Scorpion.
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