City Interactive announces Sniper: Ghost Warrior III

City Interactive isn’t a name you commonly hear. The international Polish publisher has been the house that have released a variety of cult classics in recent years. Today, the team was proud to announce Sniper: Ghost Warrior III, a new, next-generation installment of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.  According to information on Game Informer, the team is looking to create an entirely new game from the ground up, making the experience very open ended and non linear. The team has taken its successes and learned form its mistakes in the previous two entries in creating a competitive new Sniping game. There are no trailers, press releases, or synopsisis available as of this writing but it believed that this will take place in the modern, or near-future setting and involve many cutting edge tech, including drones. The game is due out in 2016 for next-gen consoles.

City Interactive has a solid portfolio of games released here in the United States, with dozens more released elsewhere internationally. In 2010, the team released cult-classic sniping action game, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, a sniping semi-simulator which tasked players with sniping the hell out of a rogue dictatorship in South America. In 2012, the team came back with their sequel, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, which had players return once more to sniping, except in Eastern Europe. In 2013, City Interactive released a download-only game, Alien Rage, a full-action arcade science fiction shooter which had players take on a vicious alien race on a remote Asteroid mining fortress deep in space. This past year, City Interactive released the World War II action shooter, Enemy Front, and surprised the masses with the Dark Souls-inspired Lords of the Fallen.

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