The Road So Far | Scorpion

Scorpion is a show that can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Since there are so many procedurals on TV right now, Scorpion needed an edge to make it stand out. Scorpion is based on a true story, which already helps its cause. Walter O’Brien is a real person who worked with the Government to help stop crime from being committed. Already, that is a more interesting premise than some of the other procedurals on TV. Also, it’s fun to wonder which of the stories on Scorpion are true stories that none of us had any idea were happening. The cast of Scorpion may not have many “big name” celebrities, but they seem to be getting more comfortable with their characters and developing chemistry as a group. Plus, it’s always a blast to watch Robert Patrick’s character, Cabe Gallo, deal with these geniuses as a no nonsense FBI agent/pseudo-father figure.

For me, there aren’t too many dislikes with the first season of Scorpion so far. At first, I was having a hard time liking Happy; she seemed to be so distant and stiff. As the season has been progressing, we have learned more about her character which has made her much more likeable. It also helps that she has developed a relationship with her father and may be striking up a romance with Toby. One thing that could concern me is the romance that has been hinted at between Walter and Paige. I would love to see Walter find love and be able to be in a relationship like that, but I wonder if that would really be possible. From what I understand, with Walter’s high IQ level, he barely has any emotions. Is there room for love with him? And if there is, will we get some sort of explanation as to how his emotions are becoming more apparent? Of course, we could just have them drag out this sexual tension for a while; it is fun to watch Walter squirm when Paige’s ex-husband comes around.

The first half of the season has been really strong.. The show is finding its stride and has created a great balance between drama, humor, and of course intelligence. There are a few things that I think could benefit Scorpion and help to continue its success. The audience watching Scorpion should understand that this show is a procedural, so all of those “rules” apply. The bad guy more than likely will be caught by the end of the episode, and usually, just about everyone will be okay. As the season progresses, it has become more apparent that Toby and Happy will at some point explore a more romantic relationship together. Personally, I think that the writers should work on pairing them up sooner rather than keeping us hanging on for episodes on end before anything happens. I would also challenge the writers for Scorpion to continue to think outside of the procedural box. Some procedurals will introduce an overarching storyline, which I think could only help to strengthen Scorpion. An overarching storyline that could lead into a potential second season can only help to keep the audience intrigued with the Scorpion team.

What we liked:
– Good chemistry with the actors
– Plot lines are solid
– Pockets of humor add the right amount of levity to dark crimes

What we didn’t like:
– Some stiff characters mostly toward the beginning of the show
– Most procedural rules still apply and can be monotonous

What we want to see in the future:
– More exploration outside of the procedural box
– Develop characters’ relationships rather than holding back for too long
– Overarching storyline to keep us tuned in to a hopeful second season

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