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Scorpion’s thirteenth episode, “Kill Screen,” starts with a video game world where the players stumbles upon an empty house. In the same looking house in real life, three federal agents are slaughtered after discussing how safe they were from “the cartel.” It turns out that Ralph is the one playing the game. He found a secret level in a video game on a dark website that can’t be accessed through normal search channels. Ralph and Paige are picked up by the CIA because they think that Ralph has something to do with the murders of the agents. It is revealed that Walter is the one who showed Ralph the dark sites and helped him to access the game. Paige tells Walter that he was the one who got Ralph into this mess and he better get him out fast.

Cabe helps to get Ralph away from the CIA interrogators, and Walter and team Scorpion start to work to figure out who designed the game. Ralph communicated with the game designer and gave suggestions that he assumed were innocent. Toby took the initiative to get in touch with the game designer by insulting his work. Naturally, the game designer has a big ego and responds. The signal from the designer leads the team to a gaming convention, inside of a VIP room. Sylvester breaks out some pretty impressive gaming skills in order to get the team inside. This is the part where something goes wrong and Cabe comes to the rescue to capture the game designer.

The kid that they arrested says that there is no secret level in the game he created. When Walter lets his emotions get the best of him and interrupts Cabe’s interrogation, the kid gives up his partner, Calvin. He reassures Cabe and the team that Calvin would never do this. Walter is very short with his team, as per usual. One of these days, Walter will not be so testy with his team, and I can’t wait until that day!

By trying to prove himself, Toby breaks into Calvin’s apartment to retrieve the hard drives that should contain the information from the game. Toby then tries to break into the safe from Calvin’s apartment and messes it up. Walter calls in Happy to do what she does best. After working on the hard drive, they find that there are six other CIA sites that are potential targets. The kid, Nate, will help to get a confession from Calvin which should help clear him from any involvement (as well as Ralph).

Sylvester continued to work on the hard drive to get any more information from it. He found out that Calvin isn’t who he says he is. He’s got a record. Now, Nate is in danger and ends up getting stabbed by Calvin before he runs off. The area where they found Calvin is the same area as the first level of the game. Calvin and Nate used what they knew as the levels in the game. Now, in order to find Calvin, they need to allow Ralph to play the game and figure out where he would hide. Ralph is the only one who knows the game as well as Calvin.

Toby and Happy work on rushing Nate to the hospital while Ralph plays the game to find where Calvin could be hiding. Ralph helps Walter catch Nate and save the remaining CIA safehouses. Now, Walter is realizing that not only can he be Ralph’s friend, but he really needs to be a grown up for Ralph. Drew is extremely protective of Ralph and wants to keep him as safe as can be. He even talks of taking Paige and Ralph away from the Scorpion team since it seems to be making Ralph grow up too fast. Walter apologizes to Drew and Paige again and reminds them that Ralph did help to save countless lives today.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
All in all, Scorpion’s 2015 premiere was just about everything we would expect it to be. This is both good and bad. It showed us that Walter and the team are not perfect, but they still managed to wrap everything up in a neat bow by the end. Drew and Walter are still trying to compete for both Ralph’s and Paige’s attention. One wonderful piece of the case gave us a small glimpse into Sylvester’s past. He was outed as being the legendary gamer El Guapo, and Happy found a very entertaining video of a young Sylvester celebrating a gaming victory at a convention, presumably the same one where the Scorpion team was during the case. This was a good case, but I’m still waiting for an overarching nemesis or a more out of the box case. We shall just have to wait and see how the rest of the season will play out.
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