Capcom Bringing Two Games To Sony’s Platforms

Capcom and Sony’s Third Party Production Team are getting quite cozy as of late, and their relationship means bringing some of Capcoms games to more Sony platforms. They will be bringing Resident Evil Revelations 2 to Vita (spring 2015) and its marquee fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV (spring 2015) is coming to PS4.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is Capcom’s episodic Resident evil series that bridges the gaps between Resident Evil 5 and 6. The Vita version will come in some time after the PS3 and PS4 offerings releasing on February 17, 2015.

Ultra Street Fighter IV marks the debut of the franchise on next-gen systems and will feature all of the DLC that’s been released for the PS3 version. That includes the most recent Vacation and Wild costumes and Omega mode. This release is a bit interesting, as it is yet unknown if the console specific fightsticks from PS3 will be compatible with the PS4 release. You’d have to imagine that it would be, but once we know we will update that information below. There is also the issue of splitting up the user base that has pretty much cemented itself on the PS3 platform. Having said that, i’m definitely not one to turn down more games for PS4 or Vita.

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