Dying Light Getting A Novel By Raymond Benson

Often times, video games are exclusive to the medium in which they are created. Rarely do we get TV shows or movies based off of our most beloved franchises, and when we do they are usually dreadful adaptations. But more and more popular IP’s are getting the novelization treatment, and Techland’s Dying Light is the next on the List with, Dying Light: Nightmare Row.

Dying Light receiving a novelization, penned by Raymond Benson, makes the most sense out of many properties that have taken the same route. Dying Light’s main theme is you, Kyle Crane, sneaking within heavily infected areas to discover the mysteries of the quarantined zone, Harran. It’s safe to say we will learn about what’s going on through various in-game events, but what better way to flesh out what happened before the viral outbreak than by writing a novel? Raymond Benson penning the novelization of Dying Light also mitigates any fears of a poor adaptation as he has been in the video game novelization game for quite some time.


Raymond Benson is best known for authoring a handful of Bond books, 12 to be exact, but he does have deep experience in adapting video games to paper. He’s worked with huge franchises in penning novelizations for; Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda (under the pseudonym David Michaels), Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Homefront-The Voice of Freedom and Hitman: Damnation. With a resume as listed, it’s safe to say that those wanting to become more intimately involved with Harran will find the novelization a nice compliment to the budding franchise. As per Techland’s press release,“Dying Light: Nightmare Row tells the terrifying story of Mel Wyatt, an 18-year-old American athlete who participated in the Harran 2015 Global Athletic Games two weeks earlier. As one of many Americans stranded in Harran as a result of the outbreak, Mel has been surviving with her little brother, Paul, in an isolated hotel – their parents were killed on the first day of the Infected attacks on the stadium. Thus begins a tense and ticking time bomb thriller of survival.”

Details as to the price and release date of Dying Light: Nightmare Row will be released in the coming weeks.

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