Season Pass For Dragon Ball Xenoverse Revealed

Dragonball Xenoverse will be the first Dragon Ball fighter to grace our eighth generation of platforms, while also being on the previous gen, and is packed with a pretty extensive roster. Having said that, as with every release until the end of time, it will come with a season pass. Check out the details of the three DLC packs that will make up the season pass.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the Season Pass/DLC content packs:

· DLC Pack 1 (Available in March 2015):
o 3 playable characters: GT Goku, Pan & GT Trunks
o 4 Time Patrol quests
o 12 Quests
o 15 Special Moves for the players’ avatars,such as Final Shine Attack, Power Pole combos and Spirit Ball
o 5 Additional costumes
· DLC Pack 2
o Exclusive Playable Characters, Quests, Special moves and costumes. More details to come!
· DLC Pack 3
o Jaco the Space Patroller playable character, Turtle Hermit set (sunglasses, Turtle Hermit’s Shell, Turtle Hermit’s Beard, Turtle Hermit’s Aloha Shirt) and highly exclusive content!

More of a game is always a good thing, but it’s hard not to feel slighted with their stated offerings. Each pack contains playable characters, of which are always the first thing gamers point at when talking of cut content. Did they cut the characters for an added profit? It’s impossible to really know, but it does feel like they are milking their user base. And we don’t know what, “highly exclusive content” is either.

The Season pass will come in at $24.99, or you can buy them seperately for $9.99


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