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Scorpion’s fifteenth episode, “Forget Me Nots,” starts with two military men under cyber attack. Flashing over to the garage, Drew comes in to pick up Ralph. He gives Paige a brochure of a school for the gifted in Portland. He truly just wants Paige to have all of the information available should she and Ralph move to Portland to be together as a family. When Walter sees the brochure, he has a very jealous reaction. It is obvious that he does not want Ralph to leave them. He insults Paige by saying that biology doesn’t make a good father. I have a feeling we haven’t heard the end of this conversation.

Cabe, upset that no one on the Scorpion team can handle answering a cell phone, gathers the team to go to Homeland Security for their next case. The director of Homeland Security won’t give them any information other than there has been a hacking attempt, and they want the Scorpion team to catch the hacker. Naturally, the first thing that Walter does is un-redacts the code to figure out what the hacker was after. Watching the Scorpion team get to the bottom of the story is always the best part of the episode. Using their collective skills, they get answers out of the director without him saying a word. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Homeland must fill the team in on the whole story.

The hacker was attacking a nuclear silo in Iceland. Years ago, there was an assassination attempt on President Clinton’s life. Only 28 people knew about it, that is before the Scorpion team. One of the secret service agents, Bruce, was shot during the attempt. He was carrying what they refer to as “the football.” The football contained launch codes as well as the location of the nuclear weapons. The football was stolen when Bruce went into surgery. The launch codes were changed immediately, but the locations were revealed. The Scorpion team decides to try to talk with Bruce to see if they can jog his memory about who could have taken the football.

None of Toby’s tricks seem to work to retrieve the repressed memory inside of Bruce’s mind. Walter suggests using a sort of shock therapy to increase brain function to help retrieve the memory. Not convinced, Bruce doesn’t want to go through with the jolt to his brain. Cabe agrees to let the team try it out on him first. Luckily, he doesn’t die, but he isn’t convinced that the jolt did anything. To prove him wrong Walter throws two cans of soda at him. Barely moving, Cabe snatches them out of the air with lightning reflexes. Walter only smiles and says, “Welcome to us.”

Now, it’s time to give Bruce a jolt. All Bruce can manage to see is the hand of the man who took the football. Bruce saw a blue finger. The Scorpion team needs to find a man with maybe a broken finger or a condition that could turn his finger blue. By looking through the hard copy files at Homeland Security, they find a man who was given heart medication that day. Unfortunately, he is a secret service agent with a perfect record. No one would ever consider him.

After some digging, it is revealed that he had family in Pakistan sixteen years ago. His family was being threatened. They would be killed if he didn’t get them the football. Knowing that Bruce would remember the agent, they use his now jolted mind to try and jog any more memories from that day. Bruce remembers him dialing his co-conspirator. Using Bruce’s jolted mind, the Scorpion team finds a way to jog Bruce’s memory enough to figure out the phone number.

The number leads to a man at a marina. He is only minutes away from releasing the nuclear missile from Iceland to St. Petersburg, Russia. Considering team Scorpion is on the case, we know that there will be a happy ending. Somehow, though, they still manage to make it a nail biter. The personal story with Bruce was both sad and hopeful. It’s a small thing that shows how precious our time with loved ones and our memories of them are.

Score: 9/10

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
Walter finally admits that he cares about Ralph. He tells Paige that he never really had a father; and even though he’s not Ralph’s father, he feels like a better person with Ralph. He even gets emotional when talking about not wanting either of them to move to Portland. When Ralph and Drew come back to the garage, Ralph has won first place at the science fair. Did anyone doubt that? He even got invited to a party. It seems that Paige is realizing how happy she and Ralph are in Los Angeles, and she doesn’t want to move. I wonder when she will tell Drew. This episode has had a lot of growth for our characters, mostly Walter. Hopefully, we will get to see more emotional responses from him, so keep tuning in for more heart-pounding drama and heart-felt stories from the Scorpion team.
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