Hatred Pre-orders Up and New Gameplay Revealed

Whether you hate it or not, Destructive Creation’s Hatred is up for preorder, and there are two editions from which to choose. Hatred’s reveal a couple months ago stirred up the age-old discussion of what should and shouldn’t be in video games. When is something going too far? To what impact does a narrative change the context and make violence okay? The game was even pulled from Steam Greenlight, but Gaben himself apologized and put it back up, explaining that it shouldn’t have been pulled in the first place. The game’s uhm… Protagonist, I guess you could call him that, is a sociopath that has an intense hatred for humans, apparently every single one of them. The game features, as you can see in the trailer below, a ¾ view and destructible environments. Check out the pre-order details and some gameplay features below:

– There are two editions to choose from:
– Digital version with a bonus official game soundtrack available for 16.66€
– *Digital version with a bonus official game soundtrack and a T-shirt available for 36.66€
*limited to 1485 copies

– An isometric twin stick shooter.
– 7 free-roam, diversified locations.
– Innovative technology giving a possibility to destroy almost any environmental elements on the way.
– Wide arsenal of guns and items of destruction.
– Unreal Engine 4 PhysX system boundaries pushed to the limits
– Easy to learn but hard to master gameplay with elements of tactics and side quests.
– Black & white visual style of the game emphasizing the atmosphere of doom.

Pre-order at Their official site

While the game will surely get an uptick in sales with the controversy it has stirred, we don’t really know if there is a narrative that will mitigate the apparent tastelessness of the title. Whether fair or not, games that can craft a narrative around certain violent sequences helps to alleviate the on-screen action and allows us to normalize the sequence. The controversial No Russian sequence from Modern Warfare 2 is child’s play compared to Hatred, but alas, our free market will dictate its success or failure. What’s your take on Hatred after watching the new gameplay?

Hatred is set to release in Q2 of 2015 on PC.

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