Gold and Silver Amiibo

Images have arisen of a new line of Amiibos from Nintendo. As if the consumer craze needed any more bolstering, Gold and Silver Amiibos from the Super Mario line seem to be in production and the process of distribution. The source of this information is a safety certificate issued by Nintendo of America showing the two Mario Amiibo figurines.


Will it be a redeemable prize in the influx of promised Nintendo merchandise for Club Nintendo? Will it be an exclusive in some other Nintendo marketing gambit?

All we know at this point is they look damn cool and they will be a much sought-after piece for anyone already victims of the contagion, the Amiibo-citis pandemic.

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Austin Small

Austin Small

If not writing about or playing the latest offerings of over-dressed simians and over-enthusiastic plumbers, can be found still trying to conquer the Ghost Ship in Super Metroid.