Super Stardust Ultra lands on PS4 next week

Super Stardust Ultra, Housemarque’s first major release, is getting the royalty treatment and landing on the PS4 next Tuesday, February 10th when the PlayStation Store Updates. Super Stardust first got onto the scene in 2007 with the release of the PlayStation 3. It was one of the first big hits on the PlayStation Store and the beginning of a great adventure for now world-famous studio Housemarque. Super Stardust was the game that put them on the map, paving the way for games like Dead Nation, Resogun, and the upcoming Alien Nation. . Since it’s release, the game found a home on the PSP and PS Vita as well.

Super Stardust Ultra is getting far more than the HD treatment and 60 Frames-Per-Second. While that is there, it is also featuring many new additions.

  • Several new game modes , including Blockade, where a trail of mines is constantly spawning and you must use the environment
  • Interactive Streaming, where live users can type in specific commands and have those commands spawn new threats
  • 2-4 player couch local split screen and couch co-op
  • Full 60 Frames per Second and many visual enhancements
  • 3D support

The game drops next Tuesday for $12.99 with a 20% discount for PS Plus subscribers. Be sure to follow Housemarque on Facebook and their main website here.

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