Constantine “Angels and Ministers of Grace” Review

With only one episode left until Constantine’s season finale, the twelfth episode, “Angels and Ministers of Grace,” leads us to yet again more darkness. First, a young woman named Taylor appears to be buying drugs before her brother’s funeral tomorrow. Moments before she takes the drugs, a monster of a man comes and shoves both needles in her chest. By the time the doctors get to her, her veins are black, and she appears dead. Then, she suddenly opens her eyes and takes a big breath.

Back at the house, Constantine is asking about the map. There are no more signs of darkness according to the map, so everyone is resting. Zed has been exploring the various rooms in the house and has found one that is tranquil. It looks like a nice gazebo during a beautiful spring day. She tells John that she loves it there since it never changes. John goes back to talk to Chas, when Manny shows up. He is trying to bring John a case, but John won’t listen. Manny gets frustrated and burns the map saying that it is just a crutch, and they are off the map now.

In order to get into the hospital to get close to Taylor, Constantine devises a plan. Sadly, Chas always has to be the guinea pig in these plans and ends up being admitted into the ER with a screwdriver stabbed into his leg. Luckily, he seems to be okay, and Zed and John got close to Taylor. Zed grabs her hand in order to get a vision. She sees a blinding light and what looks like an angel. Moments later, Taylor starts coding and ends up dying, and then, Zed has a seizure. Zed undergoes a CAT scan, which shows a mass pressing on her temporal lobe.

When Manny appears in a doctor’s body, Constantine goes crazy with rage. He seizes Manny and begs him to fix Zed. He clearly feels guilty for making Zed use her gifts, which may or may not be responsible for the tumor. So, John uses a spell to ground Manny to the doctor’s body for the time being. After another body drops from what appears to be the same evil, John has an idea of what it might be. He and Manny discuss the idea that this could be the work of a piece of the black diamond. The legend says that a sorcerer was so powerful that he claimed to be a god. So God destroyed him, producing a black diamond of pure evil. An angel’s sword shattered the diamond and a powerful flood pushed the pieces all throughout the world. Wherever the diamonds are found, death follows.

John has a piece of the diamond and wants to test what it’s power would do to a person. Once again, Chas gets to be a guinea pig, I mean, a test subject. When Chas grabs hold of the diamond, his veins turn black and his strength doubles. He lets out all of his rage before John tases him to make him drop the diamond. Now that they know what is causing these deaths, they have to figure out who is causing it. When Zed’s doctor is telling her about her surgery, he mentions that when he was in the military he got some shrapnel embedded in his chest that is still there. Manny is there to speak with Zed to try and reassure her. Even though she sees Dr. Carroll, she knows that there’s something different about him. Manny reveals who he is and speaks with Zed. She asks him if her visions are from God or if they are evil. She is worried that they are evil, and the tumor is her punishment.

John and Manny realize that the evil is coming from Zed’s doctor. He was targeting people who blew their second chances. The first two victims were recovering addicts then threw it all away and went back to their addictions. The last victim was the only survivor of house fire caused by him. He then made the least of his second chance by making everyone in the hospital miserable any time he had to come in for a skin graft.

Constantine tells Zed to stay back while he and Manny go take care of her doctor. Zed runs to John when she realizes what her vision meant. Her vision was about Manny, so John lets him out of the doctor’s body. Manny came down in angel form and took the doctor away, leaving behind the fragments of the black diamond. I’m hoping that John keeps that diamond locked up tight.

Lastly, we see John and Zed talking in the hospital chapel. Zed decides not to get the surgery. When Manny appears, Zed can see him as well. John says that Manny is now also her problem. Manny asks Zed why she isn’t getting the surgery. She replies, “John taught me that magic has its cost.” Manny says that it is a brave decision. She asks him again if her visions are caused by God. Manny only replies, “I’m here, aren’t I?”

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
This episode showed us a lot more passion from John. It showed how deeply he cares for Zed. He feels terribly for putting her in this situation, and he worries that he is to blame for her tumor. We finally got to see the band back together again, and the interactions with Zed, Chas, and John were entertaining as always. It was humbling to see Manny without his wings for a little while. Maybe he will have more appreciation for what Constantine goes through on a daily basis. Only one episode remains in the premier season of Constantine. Don’t miss the season finale that will bring back our favorite nemesis, Papa Midnite.
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