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Scorpion’s Valentine themed sixteenth episode, “Love Boat,” is sure to have a lot of rocky moments. It all starts with a car jacking. Some criminals steal high tech shoulder launch rockets that have a range nine times the standard and is near impossible to deter once on its course. The criminal, Christoph, is using a luxury cruise line as transport of the weapons. Homeland Security wants the man to whom Kristoff is selling the weapons, so it’s time for the team to go undercover.

Toby finds a passenger who is supposed to board the cruise ship with his wife, valet, and trainer. The man is worth nine figures and yet somehow avoids the cameras since there has never been a picture of him posted. Sylvester is the only one who can get away with being 25 years old, so he poses as the passenger. Paige goes as his wife; Walter is the valet. And, Cabe is the trainer. Walter actually thinks he’s joking when he suggests it. Although, who better than Cabe to be the trainer. Sylvester is terrified of the water and being on a boat, much to no one’s surprise, but Cabe and Walter assure him that they will be in and out before the boat even takes off. Who else thinks this isn’t going to happen?

Walter and Cabe try to disarm the rockets and install the GPS devices in the cargo hull, but someone comes to check on the boat leaving them with no time to disarm the rockets before the boat leaves the dock. Meanwhile, Paige gets a call from Ralph’s school. He’s feeling sick; the nurse said that he was shaking from chills. When Toby picks him up, he notices that Ralph faked being sick, again to no one’s surprise. Toby just smiles and takes Ralph with him.

Back on the boat, Sylvester is a mess when he realizes that the boat is taking off, while they are still on board. The captain comes to invite Sylvester and Paige, or should I say Mr. and Mrs. Chas Bonesteel, to dine with them at the captain’s table. They oblige even though Sylvester is having trouble maintaining his cover as the mysterious Mr. Bonesteel. Down in the cargo hull, Cabe and Walter find the rockets and work to disarm them. They are interrupted by one of the criminals who gets away after Walter knocks him down. The captain orders all of the passengers to one area, where Christoph official takes over the boat.

Happy, Walter, and Cabe must think fast before Christoph and his men peg Sylvester and Paige as frauds. It doesn’t seem to be fast enough when Christoph has a gun to Paige’s head demanding his rockets. Walter, speaking with him over the intercom, tells him that they will make a trade. Before handing over the rockets, Happy lets them know that there is a Japanese destroyer nearby. As they are making the trade, Christoph finds Walter’s ear piece and hears that a Navy helo is approaching. He tells Cabe to give the all clear that it is okay to land and then launches a rocket.

With only moments until the impact with the Navy helo, Happy and Toby need to figure out a way to hack into the Japanese destroyer and stock the rocket. Toby says that they can’t hack like Walter, but it just so happens that someone is there who can hack like Walter. Ralph uses the Japanese destroyer to fire a missile at the rocket to destroy it before it destroys the Navy helo. Now, before the Navy sends more help, the criminals want to get away. After it looks like the captain was helping Cabe and Walter, they finally realize what’s going on. Christoph is actually the captain who was the bad guy this entire time.

Walter convinces Christoph and company to take him as a hostage, saying that he is a high value asset. Sylvester finally gets the courage to not stand by, but to do something. He climbs through the ventilation system to get to the deck from where the criminals are escaping in a small boat. Without thinking about his fears, Sylvester jumps from the deck on the boat that is being lowered into the water. After a few nail biting moments, this distraction is just what the Scorpion team needed to save the day once again.

Everyone seems to be getting into the Valentine’s spirit one way or another. Sylvester is sending a valentine to Megan, but he’s trying to keep it a secret out of respect for Walter. Paige thinks it’s sweet, and Walter even says any girl would be lucky to have a guy like Sylvester. Walter had a “business dinner” lined up for him and Paige but ended up canceling it thinking he’s doing her a favor by giving her a weekend off. Paige seems slightly disappointed by this news, but yet no one makes a move to fix that. Happy and Toby explore their relationship by taking the first steps toward dating, which for them includes holding hands. Happy did explain that Toby needs to be patient with her since she’s worried about ruining their friendship. Even Ralph gets into the spirit. He left school because someone else gave the girl he likes a Valentine before he got the chance. Toby and Happy help Ralph look great by setting off personalized fireworks at the school for the girl.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
If you wanted a heart pounding as well as heart melting episode, “Love Boat,” was right up your alley. We got to learn a little bit more about Walter and his relationships. His ex-girlfriend was on board the cruise line. At the end, she explains that the reason they didn’t work out was because he lost interest in her. She warns him that if he pursues another relationship then he should make sure that he can truly make a connection. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him to finally make a move with Paige! Sadly, Cabe was the only one left without a valentine. Hopefully, we can learn more about Cabe. He’s such a great character, and I’m not sure if Robert Patrick gets enough credit for that. I think that Scorpion is due for another trying case; these past few have come together fairly easily and without much pain. Keep tuning in to see what happens to our favorite geniuses.
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