Live and Explore in Worlds Adrift

Playing in a world that is full of life, with an ever-expanding universe and an environment that is as dynamic as the players that populate is the dream game for most gamers. Bossa Studios (I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator) is looking to satiate your desires with, Worlds Adrift. Worlds Adrift is a game where NPCs don’t exist to give you quests, there are no hubs and you aren’t locked out of certain areas due to your level because their are no levels; the ultimate “your-story-is-your-personal-experience” game.

Bossa Studios, partnering with Improbable, is looking to create a shared ever expanding multiplayer universe. Due to latency concerns, the game will have servers to cater to specific regions, but the number of players that can populate each world is endless. While we don’t exactly understand it either, such an endeavor is great to see in the gaming space that often plays it safe. Check out some gameplay below and look forward to more coverage of Worlds Adrift.

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Joey Lampe

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