Hush Gameplay Trailer – Wii U

A game that could be called charming if it wasn’t so creepy, Hush by GS78 will be making its way to Wii U in Summer.

It’s already ticking many of the horror genre boxes, with soul-less children, orphanages and a discordant musical score – it also provides a refreshing alternative in narration to the non-committal buzz of FPS shooter and RPG. It explores themes of anxiety, isolation, loneliness and turning fear into fortitude which make for an interesting concept at this stage of development, pending an analysis of the full release. It’s a tad blunt in its story-telling (messages popping up on screen to remind you that you’re afraid of being in the dark) so far, but a simple interface and a unique premise that will be worth looking out for on eShop.

It’s also one of many titles making use of the ‘opening up’ of Wii U and 3DS hardware for indie developers which has resulted in an expanded platform for brilliant concepts and ports which would have, in previous generations, been limited to bargain-bin PC sales. It’s a win for Nintendo. With an ailing Third-Party relationship, games like Hush inject a vital currency of ideas and diversity into the economy of Nintendo releases while keeping content across hardware constant and fulfilling for owners. A win also for developers looking to reach a larger audience and play with features exclusive to Ninendo hardware.

Whatever it is, it’s delightfully melancholic and here is the gameplay footage:

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Austin Small

Austin Small

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