New Screens and Opening Video of Omega Quintet

Idea Factory International and Compile Heart have just released new screens and the opening video of Omega Quintet. In Omega Quintet you control five idols, or “Verse Maidens” that must use the power of sound to fight back the darkness. In this hybrid RPG/Idol simulator, you can customize hairstyles, clothing, and more; but as you’d expect, these items can take damage and cause a costume break. You can even share your customized dance routines via the Playstation Share function. An Idol Simulator-RPG Hybrid where your power is that of song? What’s not to like? Check out some screens and the opening video of Omega Quintet below.

Omega Quintet is being developed by Idea Factory International and is set for release April 28, 2015 for Playstation 4.








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