New 3DS; Nintendo Caring or Conning?

“The Xbox One specs suck.”

“The PlayStation controller should have vibrating triggers.”

“The Wii U isn’t ‘next-gen enough'”

Gamers love to complain. Saying that fans of the industry say things like this isn’t a criticism, just an observation (although those who say the Wii U isn’t next-gen enough don’t know jack). A lot of the time the lack of response on the part of the three gaming giants makes it seem like they believe we are asking for the world when we ask for a better graphics card, sleeker UI, or a second circle pad. The PSP was an abomination, and so was it’s successor the PSP GO. Sony listened to the fans, who wanted analog sticks on a mobile gaming platform. Their response? The two analog stick wielding PlayStation Vita! Although the device is great, the weak library leaves many of it’s owners, including myself, a tiny bit completely disappointed. The 3DS, despite being a huge success, has it’s share of complaints. These issues are not system crushing issues; however, they are significant. The typical response to these type of shortcomings are to work it into the next generation. The most common complaints are were

  • It’s not powerful enough.
  • It should have a second circle-pad built in.
  • Should’ve included triggers.
  • 3D can only be seen in limited, sensitive area.

How did Nintendo respond?3dsleadThe standard I believe you, the reader, and I can agree on is as follows. If you were conned by a video game company, it would be a win-loose situation. When a video game company cares about you, a win-win situation happens. So here were are, the third installation of the Nintendo 3DS. Did Nintendo con us or care about us?

They care, big time.

The regular 3DS system has been a huge success, with outstanding unit and game sales. Nintendo had the audience in their pocket and growing community demand for more great games. Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS. Nintendo has the profit, and could have literally let the next years of the 3DS play out and just work on the next generation of their handhelds. Instead of letting 3DS fans, such as myself, continue to give them bank on a device with minor shortcomings, they took a risk. Nintendo administration took their paychecks and said “Hey, let’s take this risk for our fans” The result? The new Nintendo 3DS.

Feeling Nintendo’s Love

The New Nintendo 3DS.

Although I have very large hands, I did not experience many problems with the regular Nintendo 3DS I had. I upgraded to the Nintendo 3DS XL, which eliminated minimal palm discomfort. The charger and headphone jack placement would occasionally irritate me. The New Nintendo 3DS/XL has adjusted the position of the two to a more friendly placement. A pet peeve of all of us 3DS lovers was the 3D effect. Not the actual effect, but the sensitive and limited view area. The New Nintendo 3DS/XL features a new feature that tracks your head, making the effect way more consistent. I used to use the 3D feature 20% of the time at best. This would be when I was sitting down at home and had the time to sit still like a statue while I stiffly maneuvered my fingers between the buttons.

The C-Stick adds a new dimension to playing. Similar to what many of us gaming journalists refer to as “that red circle thingy” on the Lenovo Thinkpad, the C-Stick is a static input device that picks up upward, downward, and sideways motion. Right now the C-Stick is being best utilized in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, it will create a deep new gaming experience for players. The ZL and ZR buttons are in a similar position to the C-Stick. Currently best utilized by Smash Bros., but open up a lot of potential for future games.

Despite the obvious care this device exhibits for Nintendo to their fans, there is valid criticism. Francis, or boogie2988, says several things in a rant video I think are valid.

“No wonder you call it the 3DS, you have to buy three of the fucking things”


In all seriousness the comments put forth by this joke alternate-personality are valid questions, many asked in a serious manner by ‘old’ 3DS owners. Money aside, I understand the outrage of fans who are upset that there is more advanced installment in the system series. Fans also feel compelled to buy the new system because of the new features. Xenoblade Chronicles will be a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive, sparking some outrage from parts of the 3DS community.

In the end nothing is absolutely perfect. The release of the New Nintendo 3DS has it’s downsides. It is clear, however, that the release of the device shows that Nintendo cares for it’s constituents, the New Nintendo 3DS is not a does not con old 3DS owners.

Update from author: February 24th, 2015

After looking over my opinion piece I wanted to stress the discussion on the topic. Beginning now I will be selected various comments from our Facebook, Twitter, and the comments section as food for thought.

“At first I was a bit angry because I just upgraded from my original 3ds and got my LoZ a link between worlds 3ds, but then they throw this beautiful majora’s mask new nintendo 3ds at us with xenoblade chronicles being an exclusive for it. Being a poor college student, I can’t get the beautiful majora’s mask new nintendo 3ds, and to be honest, it burns. If I had the money, I would have had it on pre-order the second it was announced.”
 -panther0606, comments.
“I’d argue that it’s not so much that gaming companies care or don’t care about gamers, but rather that gaming companies care about their bottom lines. You know, like every other kind of company.”
-Ybrik222, comments.

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