Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Dropping This Month

A March 6th release date has been stamped on the very first lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC. While the news that the new DLC will be free to players may be shocking, it’s certainly not unwelcome to fans of the series. Here’s what you’ll be getting your hands on come March 6th:

– Link Items: Sword and Shield, Armor, Bow and Arrow

– Clockwork Contraption will be available as an episode quest

– Emperor’s Speech Weapons and Equipment Sets birthed from a relationship with Universal Studios Japan

All content as above will be free, released on Fridays starting March 6th.

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Austin Small

Austin Small

If not writing about or playing the latest offerings of over-dressed simians and over-enthusiastic plumbers, can be found still trying to conquer the Ghost Ship in Super Metroid.

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