Rock On! Rock Band is Coming To PS4 and XboxOne

I can’t say I’ve missed having a closet full of plastic instruments, but there is definitely a weird feeling on the next-gen consoles with the omission of Rock Band. But, we finally have news that Rock Band is coming to next-gen consoles later this year. Better yet, all those dlc tracks you purchased in the previous title will be importable to Rock Band 4. It’s important to note, though, at this time you can only transfer tracks within the same ecosystem as DLC is controlled by the platform holder. Hopefully we’ll be able to transfer dlc across platforms, but I do admit it’s highly unlikely. Additionally, when talking to Eurogamer, Harmonix does plan to allow you to use legacy instruments on Rock Band, but those details aren’t ironed out just yet as to how that will work. Are you ready to Rock ‘N Roll?

Check out a Behind-the-scenes look with the Harmonix Team.

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