Scratch That Classic RTS Itch with ‘Act of Aggression’

I’m never one to turn down an RTS, especially one that harkens back to the roots of the genre, and you shouldn’t either. Eugen Systems, mostly known for their million seller ‘War Games’ Series, are creating Act of Aggression; their latest title will mix classic RTS elements with some modernization on the side. Check out a breakdown of each faction from their press release. In Acts of Aggression, you will play as one of three factions: The Cartel, The U.S. Army and The Chimera. Each faction will play a bit differently than the last, especially during combat. You will be in charge of everything from combat to base management, all set on modern day maps.

  • The Cartel, stealthy operatives born out of private military contracts, with the latest prototypes. Fragile and expensive, but stealthy and powerful this secretive faction is difficult to master.
  • The US Army, exhausted by endless fighting across the world, are a brute-force of veterans; they can skill up in specific roles and improve their veterancy, but use current generation technology.
  • The Chimera, a UNO funded task-force designed to have a plan in mind for every situation. You can mould their units through upgrades into specific roles, or leave them as a jack-of-all-trades

To further the ignite your nostalgia, take a peek at some footage of pre-alpha gameplay below.

Acts of Aggression will have a VIP Multiplayer Beta in the coming months. The full game will release in Spring 2015 on PC.

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