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The latest person on The Blacklist, “Tom Keen,” made his debut episode as an official number on The Blacklist. And if the numbers on Red’s list mean anything, then Tom ranks high being number 7. Tom starts off the episode being rather brutal. We catch up with Tom in Germany where his new crew is shaking down a man who works for Arkan. The crew beats him up asking for his money and his supply. Tom tells him that he would leave there alive if he gave them his supply. When he did, he reminded Tom that he could walk out of there. Tom just looked at the man and said that he only promised that he could live, not that he would walk; then, Tom proceeded to break his leg.

Back at the FBI, Ressler and Reddington fill in Samar and Aram on the situation with Liz, Tom, and the harbormaster. Reddington explains that finding Tom is the only way to save Lizzie. Before Liz and Harold Cooper go back to see the judge, Cooper confronts Liz. He is upset for having to perjure himself for her sake. He asked her not to put him in that position, and she did so anyway. He even goes so far as to tell her that he does not recognize the person that she has become. Moments later, his nose starts bleeding, and he collapses on the floor. It was only a matter of time before his brain tumor would be known to more people.

In the hospital, Liz learns of Cooper’s brain tumor from his wife. They ask her to keep quiet about it, so she tells the rest of the team that it was just his low blood sugar that caused him to faint. Aram even went out and bought a nice bouquet and a card, which he felt embarrassed about after being told that there was no reason to worry. It’s nice to know that someone is nice enough to think of the little things like a card and flowers.

When Reddington finds out that Tom is with the gang who calls themselves The Disenfranchised, he gets ready to head to Germany. Ressler tells him that he is going as well even though Red believes that Ressler only ever looks like a cop and will be found out the minute he opens his mouth. Ressler doesn’t take no for an answer and tags along anyway. Reddington finds out who is supplying The Disenfranchised with military grade weapons and enlists the German police to help stop the shipment. Red then shakes down the man who was supposed to deliver the guns to find out where the meet was supposed to happen.

The best scene of this episode comes when the Range Rover pulls up at the warehouse of The Disenfranchised. They are expecting Franz, the weapons dealer, but they are in for a shock. Luckily, Tom goes to the back window of the car, and who is looking back at him? Agent Ressler and Raymond Reddington. Tom never saw that one coming which may be a first for him. Red does what he always does and turns the tables on everyone. Red tells The Disenfranchised that Tom is either stupid or working with the German Police. He even introduces Ressler as a federal agent on his payroll. As it goes with most conversations involving Reddington, this one results in a gun fight. Tom escapes, and Ressler and Red leave Germany.

When they return, Samar is confused. She doesn’t understand why they didn’t bring Tom back with them. Reddington let Tom know that he’s the only one who can save Liz even though Tom made it very clear that he would not risk his life for her. Reddington doesn’t seem worried. The judge returns to make his final recommendation on whether or not a trial will proceed. As he is about to make a decision, a man claiming to be the killer is found outside of the courtroom. They bring in Tom Keen, and when he introduces himself, the judge orders him back to his chambers to explain.

Tom tries very hard to keep Lizzie out of any crimes that were committed when she was keeping him prisoner. Even the judge realized that Tom actually loves Liz. He makes a comment about how strange that is. Just as Tom is begging for a deal that will give immunity for Liz, US Attorney Tom Connelly walks in saying that no deal like that will be given. He asks that Tom Keen be removed from the room while he berates the judge. He tells the judge that he unlawfully made federal agents divulge secrets of national security while under the duress of immediate incarceration. Connelly makes sure that the judge is going to quash this whole case. Liz is off scot free, and when she asks Connelly what will happen to Tom, he asks to whom she is referring. He tells her that no one by the name of Tom Keen is in federal custody. Now where did Tom go?!

Even though Liz is relieved at the case ending and the trial being quashed, she still feels guilty about the harbormasters death. Detective Wilcox was irate and tells Liz that she better remember his name forever. At the end of the episode, Red finds Liz in a school watching a group of girls. One of those girls is the harbormaster’s daughter. Liz sold the apartment from Reddington and gave that money anonymously to his daughter for college. Reddington warned Lizzie that this is a dangerous path to go down. He speaks from what feels like personal experience when he tells her that she can watch over his daughter and try to protect her and be her silent benefactor, but she would really only be doing it for herself rather than the daughter. Hopefully, we can hear more about how Reddington helped to shape Lizzie into who she is today, assuming of course that it is Liz to whom he is referring.



Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
Sadly, this episode didn’t have anything to do with The Fulcrum, but we did tie up the pending trial. Tom is in the wind once again, or else he is in custody somewhere. Hopefully we haven’t seen the end of him. Especially with his obvious love for Liz, Tom has become quite the complex character that I’m hoping we get to see a lot more of him. Liz and Red seem to be on okay terms by the end of the episode, but that will probably go haywire once the search for The Fulcrum continues. The one good thing to come out of this episode is the good news that Cooper’s tumor seems to be slowing. Maybe, just maybe, we can get some more time with him as the head of the task force. I have a bad feeling that if someone has to replace him, it’s going to have a significant impact on our favorite agents.
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