Dying Light Making April Fun Not Fools

April Fool’s Day is one part funny and two parts aggravating. Sure, we will get those quirky fake reveals that are instantly obvious and simply provide a nice laugh on a Wednesday, but we also go those reveals that we want to believe. Our spirits will be temporarily lifted with reveals for long deceased games (see: The Last Guardian) and fantastical technological advancements that will change our lives; we have to tell our mind that these reveals are fake. But, there has to be some solace in this teasing right? Luckily, the folks over at Techland, erm… the G.R.E. have released a warning for those visiting Harran. The Antizine is Contaminated, which means one thing…it’s time to have some fun! Check out the warning below.

As of right now, it is uncertain if the 24-hour mod will make its way to all platforms. In the meantime, check out our PC Dual Review of Dying Light by myself and Rob Hernandez

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Joey Lampe

Joey Lampe

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