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Scorpion brings more thrills in “Crossroads.” Paige is watching the news reporting about the trial of a prominent drug cartel leader. There is a witness, Maya Hernandez, who is set to testify against him. Walter gets a phone call about a new case and just points to the TV saying that’s their new case. Team Scorpion is brought in to set up safe transportation to get Maya to the courthouse without the cartel killing her.

The Scorpion team sets up what they think is an airtight plan, but we all know something will go wrong. The route is secure, and everyone has used his or her expertise to ensure the safety of Maya. Within minutes, they notice a school bus that appears extremely out of place; it’s an ambush. The vehicle with Walter and Maya gets separated and is attacked. Now, they know that someone must have leaked the intel about their transport.

Team Scorpion can’t trust anyone else. This seems familiar, right? They decide to try and get off the grid while still taking Maya to safety. After finding a used car lot a few miles away, they trade in the government issued SUV for a terrible looking van. They didn’t put enough thought into this one because the van breaks down on them near a gas station. Walter and Toby stay with the van to see if they can get it to cool down, while Cabe, Maya, and the rest of the team go into the gas station.

Knowing your enemy would be wise in this case because the cartel isn’t stupid. They spot the SUV at the used car lot and are at the gas station only moments behind Team Scorpion. The team gets away only seconds before the cartel had a chance to take them out. During the attack, Maya shows some curious traits. She grabs some sweet and salty snacks which combined with her irritability and her clothes fitting snugger than she had thought, Paige realizes that she’s pregnant. Now, there’s more at stake for Maya and the Scorpion team.

Also, Maya continues to correct the Scorpion team which is not an easy thing to do. They realize that she is also like them, a genius. She leads them to a contact she has through the cartel. This man, Lambert, has a state of the art RV parked in his driveway. This is their ticket to outrunning the cartel while getting Maya to safety. Walter does a pretty terrible job at pretending to be muscle for the cartel but still manages to convince Lambert to give up the RV at collateral on his debts. I’m not sure why Walter always has to do these jobs. In her current state of being angry at Toby (more on that later), she would have been a perfect intimidator.

They manage to steal the RV and outrun the cartel for the time being. Lambert called the cartel to let them know that he wasn’t trying to get out of his debt which leads the cartel directly to him and the Scorpion team. Lambert hacks into the RV’s onboard computer and takes over the controls. He starts accelerating their vehicle and is prepared to send them off of a cliff if the team can’t take back control of the RV’s computer. It wouldn’t be Scorpion if there wasn’t an insane hair raising stunt they pull to complete the mission.

This time, Happy rigs up a surfboard on wheels to put herself underneath the RV to manually reset the onboard computer. Why don’t they ever put these things in more accessible places? Walter joins Happy underneath the RV to reset the computer. Walter manages to get the computer reset with only seconds to spare. The Scorpion team then uses the RV’s on board computer against the cartel. They remotely drive the RV, while leading the cartel directly into a trap. Now, the prosecution should have enough to lock them up, just not Maya’s testimony. Maya will be set up with $20,000 and a new Canadian identity, care of Cabe Gallo.

This episode had a lot of love in it. Toby and Happy opened up and finally set a date. Happy arrives all dolled up waiting for Toby. She waits for, presumably, too long and finally leaves the restaurant after Toby was a no show. Toby was so nervous about their date that he fell asleep for hours after taking a pill. He even tries to make up for it with a Happy style bouquet of wrenches and a box of nuts, disguised as a box of chocolates. Even though it’s a lovely gesture, Happy is not accepting his apology. She’s been burned too many times in life, and who knows when she will decide to open up again. Toby may just have missed his one chance, at least for awhile.

Walter, on the other hand, thinks that romance in the work place is a bad idea. But, he can’t seem to get Paige out of his head. He couldn’t even bring himself to erase the stick figures that Toby drew on a dry erase board. Toby tells Walter that he needs to take a risk and go tell Paige how he feels. Just as Walter gets up the courage to do just that, he sees Paige, Ralph, and Drew through the window about to sit down for dinner. Walter smiles and walks away. It seems that once again Walter will ignore his feelings for Paige and continue on like nothing ever happened.

Editor's Rating

Overall 75%
This episode of Scorpion had a lot of great plot points. I enjoyed the fact that Maya was also a genius. It was fun to see that there are others out there just like them and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to save one of their own. I am hoping that one of these times, they will be able to trust the government agency who has hired them in the first place. It seems that they could often use the backup. Toby makes a lot of great points about taking risks especially in the area of love. I was disappointed that he screwed up with his date with Happy. I’m not convinced that he would have truly let himself sleep through this date, but I guess even when you’re a genius, you tend to forget things, like setting an alarm. We’re coming to a close on this season of Scorpion. Do you have any guesses on where we will leave our geniuses?
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