Nintendo Direct: 3DS Roundup

The 3DS was shown a ton of love during Nintendo Direct. Showing off games form just about every genre, and heavily playing on our nostalgic, it’s quite possible that this was the best part of the show. Oh, and Attack On Titan: Humanity Chains!!!

– Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
In the latest entry in the series, you are tasked by the animals to decorate their houses. To meet the task of being home-designer-extraordinaire, you have to meet the animals’ requests. The amiibo cards can be scanned in and you will be designing that characters home to their specifications. But, why design a beautiful home and not invite guests? Scan in other amiibo cards to have a nice house warming party. The game will launch this Fall.

– A New Fire Emblem Game
A customizable avatar and branching paths with majorly different experiences? Yes please! The newest Fire Emblem game will feature two paths, the “Hoshido” side will give a traditional experience; while the “Nohr” side will provide a more difficult challenge and a more complex story. The choice is a nice addition to the franchise, but the hardest thing will be the wait. The New Fire Emblem will release on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems some time in 2016.

– Pokémon Rumble World
The F2P title will feature over 700 Pokemon…700 POKEMON!? The Pokemon will span all generations, from Red and Blue through the most recently released Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The title will launch exclusively on the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS on April 8.

– Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains

The insanely popular manga and anime is making its way to the 3DS family of systems as a four-player local and online coop game. Choose your favorite character and team up with fellow players to take down Titans in hopes of defending humanity. The game will also feature leaderboards to see who is best at taking down the Titans. If, for some odd reason, you haven’t jumped on the Attack on Titan Train, you can stream the first two episodes on the eShop. Attack on Titan: Humanity In Chains will be released in May.

– New StreetPass Games Coming
Nintendo is offering up two new titles on April 16 for you 3DS aficionados. Ultimate Angler is, as you’d expect, a title where users visit “StreetPass Islands” (aptly named) and must try to catch “more than 150 types of fish.” The bait will be obtained via streetpass from other players. The other title, Battleground Z, jumps on the zombie bandwagon and has players battling hordes of zombies. You’ll, “receive items based on the hobbies of their Mii Plaza StreetPass characters,” to defend us against the angry hordes. The titles come in at $4.99 each or $7.99 if purchased together. In addition to this new street passing goodness, “StreePass Mii Plaza Premium,” will add a variety of features including “StreetPass Birthdays,” a new Mii VIP room and comes in at $4.99.

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