Nintendo Direct: Wii U Roundup

– Mario Maker For September
Our dreams of finally creating a Mario level will arrive in September. Exclusively for Wii U, the title allows you to switch between three different eras of Mario and the ability to share your levels online with others.

– Splatoon Lays Down Ink on May 29
The darling of just about every convention Nintendo attends had various modes detailed during the Nintendo Direct. In addition to single player mode and online “Turf War” modes, Nintendo stated the title will also include; a highly competitive “Ranked Battle” mode, which ranks and matches players based on their wins in 4-on-4 multiplayer matches,” and a “Battle Dojo” mode that allows you to play a local 1-on1 game to see who can pop the most bubbles. a “Battle Dojo.”

– 200cc Invading Mario Kart 8
The Mario Kart Series has slowly evolved into the mammoth of a title we know today, but for the first time ever, a faster kart arrives. Say hello to 200cc. Nintendo stated that, “he new 200cc class will be offered as a free downloadable update on April 23 alongside the new paid DLC Pack 2 featuring three new characters, four new vehicles and eight new tracks.”

– Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS Games Flesh Out The Virtual Console
Finally, a handful of N64 and DS classics will be hitting the service. WarioWare: Touched! (DS) and Donkey Kong 64 (N64) will be the first to hit the service on April 9 and April 16, respectively.

– Yoshi’s Woolly World
Since good ‘ol Ninty is always looking out for every type of gamer, two modes will be available for the title; Classic and Mellow Mode. Classic mode is what you’d expect from a Yoshi title. But, Mellow Mode allows players to utilize a cutesy “Winged Yoshi” to help you across the more difficult platforming sections. You can switch between the two modes at any point during the game.

– Shin Megami Tensei & Fire Emblem Crossover Project:
 Shin Megami TenseiFireEmblemCrossover
The role-playing masters at ATLUS are developing a truly modern RPG, where everyday life exists alongside a secret world of fantasy that includes characters from the Fire Emblem series.

– New Fatal Frame Game Coming to the U.S.
There’s not too much news on the new Fatal Frame game coming to the Wii U, but it’s a Fatal Frame game so that should be enough!

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