Godzilla Release Date and Details

The only monster battles we’ve had this gen, and last if I recall, has been Evolve. Sure, great monsters, but there’s nothing like some monster versus monster gameplay. And Bandai Namco is bringing that back in a big, big way. What better way to harken back to the past gens than with Godzilla?!

Godzilla, the PS3/PS4 exlcusive, will be packed with nods to the lovers of the films and will feature a slew of enemies. Those confirmed include, Mecha Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, King Ghidorah, Destroyah and Gigan; with Space Godzilla being an exclusive to PS4. Check out the reveal trailer below and revel in the destruction.

Godzilla is set to release on July 14, 2015 on PS3 and PS4.

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