A Perfect Finale | Scorpion “Postcards from the Edge” Review

Well if you tuned in for last week’s episode, it was hard to wait for “Postcards from the Edge.” Cabe resigned, Paige left, and Walter is hanging over a cliff with no one the wiser. The rest of the disbanded team is frustrated and trying to hold on to something. Happy, Sylvester, and Toby are trying to find Walter and figure out what will happen to Team Scorpion.

Toby and Sylvester are determined to keep Scorpion the way it is. In that case, they need to find their boss, the infamous Walter O’Brien. After Walter made Cabe resign and forced a wedge between Paige and himself, he drove off in the Ferrari from Elliot. Since he wasn’t answering his phone, Happy broke into Elliot’s conference room to get the VIN number of his car. They used the VIN to get to Walter where they find him in the car barely balancing on the edge of a cliff. One wrong move and the car falls 300 feet.

Happy and Toby hook up a camera to the drone that Happy was putting together for Sylvester so that they can see and speak with Walter. He tells Toby that his left side hurts. When they get a closer look, they see that he has been impaled by a piece of the guardrail. The good news is that the blood has coagulated, so he isn’t continuously losing blood. Cops arrive at the scene, and Toby and Happy are irate that rescue teams aren’t with them. They mouth off to the cops, which only gets them handcuffed in the back seat of a squad car. At one point, the cop even says, “Do you know what this badge means?” Happy replies, “That you got D’s in high school.” These geniuses really aren’t great with people. They admit that Paige would have done a better job with that one.

Sylvester does get Cabe to come to the scene, so even though he just resigned from Homeland Security, he still acts like he’s a federal agent. He actually flashes his scuba certification since he no longer has a badge. When Cabe shows up, Walter lets him know how irrational he was being. He apologizes for being so emotional. Walter even tells Cabe that he rigged the sprinkler system at his daughter’s cemetery so that her grave always had green grass. Walter asks for them to track down Paige and Ralph. The team is worried that he is giving up.

As if being impaled and on the edge of a cliff weren’t enough, the engine of the car catches on fire. Now, the team must rig a device to release the oil from the car, so that the fire has no more fuel to burn and goes out. One they do that, the car shifts causing the piece of guardrail that was impaling Walter to come out. Now, the bleeding has started up again, presumably from Walter’s spleen. They need to find a way to cauterize the wound.

Thankfully, with a bunch of geniuses around, there is always some way around these situations. Walter finds a silver pen in Elliot’s car. Why wouldn’t a rich guy have a silver pen? He uses the cigarette lighter to heat the pen and then cauterize the wound. At this point, it sounds like Walter is giving up. He no longer has any hope left. He recounts a weekend in Vegas with Toby saying that it was one of the best weekends of his life.

As he starts to recount a memory with Happy, she yells back at him. He remembers when she rigged a pay phone to allow them to make free phone calls at the garage before they could afford a phone. Happy tells Walter that he can’t give up, and they are not going to act like they are at his wake. Meanwhile, Paige and Ralph are still headed to the airport to go visit Drew in Portland. It isn’t until they arrive at the airport that they see the news about Walter. Paige rushes Ralph out of the airport to go see Walter.

Team Scorpion is getting down to the wire on saving Walter, and it has been excruciating trying to watch. All Walter wants is to tell Paige that he loves her, but Paige didn’t make it yet. Happy works on rigging a harness to swing Cabe out over the cliff to try and pull Walter out. Cabe doesn’t even seem disturbed by the fact that if Walter is holding on to Cabe and the car falls with him still inside, they will both fall to their deaths. That’s just the length that you go to for family.

When Paige finally gets there, she screams for Walter. It is only moments before Cabe finally makes the daring rescue and pulls Walter out. We can all breath a sigh of relief at this point. Even Ralph shed some tears when he thought Walter was going to die. This team really is a family. Walter is taken straight to the hospital where he will be treated and patched up before heading back to work for Scorpion. I guess this means that Cabe will have to get his job back.

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Overall 100%
Scorpion’s premiere season has been great. I think that every episode has had a lot of action as well as a lot of heart. It was easy to grow to love these characters even with their flaws and their difficulties to act how most people would perceive as normal. As it deserves, Scorpion will be back for a second season starting in the fall. What will happen with Paige and Walter? Will Happy finally let Toby in? It will be a long summer without these geniuses. What do you want to see from season two of Scorpion?
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