Arkham Knight Introduces GTAV-Like Feature

Batman Arkham Knight is getting closer and closer to release, and Wb just released a trailer teasing a new gameplay mechanic to the series. The latest trailer, “All Who Follow You,” shows off some cooperative moves with some of Batman’s allies. The new mechanic called “Dual Play,’ let’s you switch between Batman and his allies on the fly. Similar to what Rockstar implemented in GTAV, but it seems Rocksteady will allow switching mid-combo to inflict cooperative damage with an ally. The playable characters include Catwoman, Nightwing Robin and, of course, Batman.

The new feature is a great addition to the series that only allowed you to play other characters in an extremely limited capacity. The Joker was (hardly) playable in Arkham Asylum and Cat Woman was playable for a scene or two in the follow up title, Arkham City. Nightwing and Robin were also playable In Arkham City, but they were relegated to DLC Challenge Maps. Check out the, “All Who Follow You,” trailer below.

Batman Arkham Knight is releasing on June 23, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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