From Ninja Theory, comes a new action title, FIGHTBACK

Ninja Theory the makers of such beautifully made games like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Devil May Cry, and the upcoming Hellblade, created a very fun and exciting throwback to 80’s cinematic action for the iOS platforms. When the bad guys stomp on your turf, and bring about their cominbations of vice, it is up to you to FIGHTBACK.

FIGHTBACK is a Free game on the iPone/iPodTouch/iPad that puts players in an axciting and engaging action adventure where players must take back their city, and rescue your sister, from thugs that have taken over several skyscrapers. Using touch and swipe gestures, players will pull off bone-crunching and brutal melee attacks upon low-lifes. As levels get harder, things get more dangeorus. Players will also wield melee weapons such as bats and pipes. And of course, what’s a good cinematic game without firepower? Players can use pistols, shotguns, and miniguns to really put punishment on crime.

Featuring a solid story and 100 floors, all powered by the unity engine, FLASHBACK looks to be an engaging action experience for mobile players. Check out Ninja Theory on their website and social media. Look for FIGHTBACK on the AppStore.

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