Try Again “Jem And The Holograms”!!!

“Jem and The Holograms” movie trailer came out viral two days ago. I can’t even begin to put my thoughts together on what i watched and how Universal butchered practically all the show has to offer. In case no one is aware of Jem, it was an 80s cartoon about a girl who had just lost her father, a business mogul. To prepare Jerrica for life after his death he created an AI computer named Synergy who would not only guide Jerrica, but provide her with super talents to become a top recording artist. Simultaneously Jerrica inherits a child orphanage. Housing children from all ethnic backgrounds. This is the scenario of what Jem the 80s cartoon was.


We have mentioned Jerrica struggles so far. There was also a uplifting spirit , not only was this cartoon colorful, fashion ground breaking, and musically intriguing. It also made ground breaking influences in the struggles of what new America is. Black, Hispanic, Asian Americans where all part of this magical series. Beyond all the struggles Jerrica faced, she also had villains…. The Misfits! Competition and rivalry were also another challenge. A group of girls who had it out for Jerrica. Considered rebels and caused careless actions of hate. Not to mentioned fashion icons in their own right.

The movie “Jem and The Holograms” provides absolutely nothing of the iconic 80s cartoon. Where is Synergy? the power behind Jem herself. No Synergy…. no Jem. Where are the Misfits? The Misfits made Jerrica realize as well as kids in the 80s, no matter how rough life is there are still obstacles to face. Where is dealing with death and orphaned children? A factor that was heartwarming and catered to all ethnic diversity.


Viewing the trailer there has been obvious backlash concerning the casting. Where are our black characters? where is the ethnic diversity? Why is there sexism? Female characters are playing male characters, and caucasians are playing roles of ethnic familiar characters.

Overall being a product of such legendary cartoon such as Jem one can’t speculate how did this project come to be? Why as fans of Jem would we want this movie? Where’s the magic? Where is Jem ? Together we have to make these people go back to the drawing boards for the sake of other remakes of that era and for the sake of Jem. So everyone should get on twitter and #StopJemAndTheHolograms


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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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