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You know the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mantra? It usually doesn’t work out too well, and in “Rogue Air,” it follows the status quo. With heavy emphasis on The Snarts and the battle between The Reverse Flash and The Flash finally coming to a head, the episode was a great jumping off point for the finale next week.

Last week’s episode provided an in-depth look into the unraveling of Iris once she found out for certain that Barry was The Flash. The fallout from the previous episode is seen right off the bat, but Iris has seemingly come to terms with the revelation. She even becomes an important part of the episode as it progresses. I love the line between the two before the scene cuts. Iris is worried about never being able to see Eddie again, but Barry retorts, “Wells took my mom from me. I won’t let him take someone from you.” A nice, emotional scene between the two that avoids cheesy territory is also a-ok in my book. But while she has patched up her relationship with Barry; the same is not so for her and Eddie.

After finding Eddie, who was right under STAR Labs, the tension between him and Iris is ridiculous. Eddie explains that Wells showed him the newspaper from the future showing her last name as West-Allen, and he believes their relationship is now meaningless. While I understand his logic, it’s absurd that he will simply just give up. The juxtaposition between their feelings on the relationship shows that Eddie has been severely brainwashed by Wells. It may be surprising, but I am wholeheartedly on the side of Iris here. It is uncertain if the future paper is an inevitability, or if they have the power to change the future. It appears Wells is the tipping point in their relationship, and I doubt Eddie will ever be able to overcome what he was shown of the future.


Wells is full of questions, but one might have been overlooked. Why does Wells need a wheelchair? Apparently there is a hidden energy core of sorts that powers Wells, allowing him to be faster than The Flash. It’s funny it has taken until now for them to question the reasoning behind the wheelchair to be honest. Alas, the energy core is the least of their concerns at the moment. Wells has reactivated the particle accelerator and released all the metas they’ve previously captured. In an interesting moment, Iris actually saves Caitlin from Peek-A-Boo. See, Iris is redeemed! After saving Eddie a short moment later, we learn that the “blue tube” on which Wells was working is the power source that will release enough power to recreate the particle accelerator explosion. This will presumably supercharge Wells to allow him to go back to his time, oh and kill everyone within STAR Labs, including the metas.

Such is the fatal flaw of many DC characters, the inability to accept collateral damage. Where Wells will sacrifice anyone and everyone to get back to his time, Barry will try to save everyone. But Barry’s insistence to protect everyone may have dire consequences. To save the metas, Barry comes up with a plan to transport them to Lian Yu. But, to do so he employs the help of Snart since his cold gun can keep the metas in check. Joe loathes the idea, and he has good reason to do so. Snart and Barry agree to terms, but Snart already throws him a curveball when his sister, Lisa, shows up. They go ahead with the plan anyway, and Snart sabotages the transport releasing the metas. He did so because it would make them all “owe him one.” This goes for Barry too, since Snart could have easily killed him.


The idea that Barry would use a villian to help him is quite out of character. He tried to do things as Oliver Queen has with hopes of getting a similar result. But the problem is, deep down the two are very different. Now with the metas running around andCaptain Cold and Golden Glider on the loose, what could be worse? How about we add The Reverse Flash in the mix.

The particle accelerator is fully charged, and Wells eggs Barry on at the behest of Joe. Of course, Barry obliged, but this time he isn’t alone. Oliver Queen in his Al-Sahim get up and Firestorm team up with Barry in a fight that feels Avenger-esque with heroes about. The fight should be thrilling, but I felt it was missing some oomph. The “ending” was a little lackluster, but I assume this feeling will be mitigated after the season finale next week.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
The Flash is the most consistent show out right now, and “Rogue Air” does nothing to change that. This episode, though, was good but not great. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth between Iris and Eddie, but the ending fight scene just didn’t hit the right notes for me. Other than that though, this episode clearly will have implications for the finale.
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