Blues And Bullets Dev Diary: Eliot Ness

The fearless. The incorruptible. The Untouchable. There’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard mention of The Untouchables, a group tasked with taking down Al Capone by strictly enforcing prohibition laws. The group, headed by Eliot Ness, would eventually take down Capone and was disbanded shortly there after. In Blues and Bullets, developed by A Crowd of Angry Monsters, you control Eliot Ness in a alternate universe. Strange murders have been happening everywhere, and you must investigate the murders and bring justice. The title is artistically beautiful featuring a black and white aesthetic with red spot color, Sin City-esque. The developers explain that they are looking for a tone closely related to Se7en; which it seems they’ve nailed if the dev diary is anything to go by. Blues and Bullets is an episodic title that will release on Xbox One and PC. The first episode will be available Summer 2015. Check out the dev diary, “Eliot Ness,” below.

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Joey Lampe

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