Breach and Clear Breaches and Clears it’s way on the PS VITA


Military games are nothing new but they used to have such a focus on tactics over bullets, thinking over explosions, and strategy over rockets. Reminiscient of the earliest days of tactical military games, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit studios released Breach and Clear for iOS and Android devices. The game was originally released earlier this year, and features a fantastic hybrid of real-time strategy and turn-based combat. Plyaer take on the role of severeal elite special operations forces, from U.S Army Rangers to Canadian J2F, outfitting them with custimizable weapons and equipment. Players then take on the tactical approach and observe each stage in an isometric view, using the touch screen to to navigate and issue commands.  Each level involves a specific number of objectives but the terrorist placements and their objectives do change on each playthrough. If you move without checking your angles, the bad guy that your character didn’t see will be sure to greet your team with a hail of bullets.

The development team has been passionately working on a major release for the PS VIta, featuring many more levels, challenges, weapons, and features, tailored to the Vita’s specific capabilities.  The team has worked hard to expand this game and push the possabilities of where the game mechanics can go. Some of these additions include the following, as stated from the pLayStation.Blog

  • Seven locations with five missions each and five difficulty settings to challenge you at every turn
  • Three unique game modes: Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan
  • Seven special operations teams from around the world with six different classes, all with their own perks and abilities
  • 24 weapons with 26 attachments to give you the edge
  • 56 clothing and armor customization options to make each operator your own
  • Four game-altering consumables to give you an edge against increasingly tough enemies

The game is available on PlayStation Store.  The game is also enabled for play on the PlayStation TV. Own. Every. Angle.

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