Our Favorite Iterations of Batman

Holy smokes Batman, what are you wearing? Batman almost always dons some form of the cape and the cowl, but there are times where things get a little weird. We say weird in the best of ways as they are usually awesome, unique updates to the standard get-up. It’s nearly impossible for us to agree on one we feel is the “best,” so the three of us picked our favorite iteration out of the long list of choices.

*Since we are dealing with very specific story lines, spoilers will follow.


Kingdom Come: Batman/Bruce Wayne – Batman has always been a hardheaded, stubborn fool. And the version of Batman in Kingdom Come proves that Bruce will be that same thick-headed, immovable rock that he as always been, just a little bit more ornery in his old age. Though this version of Bats has had his identity gone public and his body being held together by an exoskeleton, he still maintains his noble crusade patroling the streets of Gotham using an army of robots. It just goes to prove that no matter the age, Batman will continue. Rob Hernandez | Writer


Batman Beyond – My absolute favorite is definitely Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond; just because he stumbled upon the role of being the Batman of the future everyone needed. During those times, Bruce Wayne was a mentor for him but Terry is more then capable of taking up the Batman Mantle. Since Batman Beyond was set in the future, he had pretty interesting gear such as flight and body armor resistant to very strong forces. Batman Beyond also came with new enemies like Inque and a lot of  reimagining of Batman’s rouge gallery. Terry was later written in as Bruce Wayne’s biological son in DC’s Animated Universe, which i think was a perfect move as Terry felt very similar to Bruce. Jose Estrella | Managing Editor


Batmnakoff – Whenever you take a character and toss them into an alternate universe, things always get interesting. Nothing is more interesting than a Batman hellbent on getting vengeance against all of Communist Russia after his parents were gunned down by a Soviet soldier. Donning an ushanka (Russian fur hat) and his iconic utility belt, Batmnakoff sheds his altruistic morals and is dead set on vengeance. We get to see an alternate history Batman where he ties Wonder Woman up with her own Lasso, beats down Superman and eventually kills himself with a bomb he placed in his own small intestine. WHAT?!?! Yes, this is the most off-the rails, yet awesome iteration of Batman. Joey Lampe | Marketing Specialist

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