Top 5 Worst Batman Toys

Batman has been a cultural icon since his inception, so it’s not difficult to imagine the Caped Crusader having several toys made. Some really interesting takes, such as the purple Batman by NECA that was inspired by the NES game. Of course, Bats has also had his fair-share of horrible, just plain awful toys made in his likeness. And anyone who’s had some interaction with him. Now, these are all official toys. No bootlegs here.

Number 5 – Legends of the Dark Knight: Batman the Dark Knight
“Hey, Jerry. I was thinking that the next Batman is going to have a big ass cape. Just massive.”
“Tom, you may have something here. Will it have huge pointy bits?”
“The cape is going to be nothing but pointy bits.”



Number 4 – Total Justice: Fractal Armor Batman

“OH MY GOD! Batman is being strangled by that snake! Someone help him! Wait, what do you mean that’s his armor? What purpose does it even serve?”


Number 3 – Bob the Goon from Batman  (1989)

Hey, remember that guy that the Joker talks to in that one scene? You know the one. He had the hair? Was always walking around? Man, you got to feel bad for any kid that got a Bob figure Christmas morning instead of a Batman.



Number 2 – The Batman: Night Glider Batman

“Night” Glider. Because when I think stealthy, and nighttime I think bright orange and light blue. Hmm, maybe they meant Raver Batman instead. And the “night” part is when most raves happen. That just makes so much more sense now.


Number 1 – Batman: The Brave and the Bold Happy Meal Toy

Sometimes you have ideas for toys that are backed by the best intentions. Then you have the following video. This may qualify as one of the best Batman toys, actually.


Batman is always going to be one of the more popular comic characters, and toys based on the Dark Knight will never cease. What are your favorite worst Batman toys?

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