Halo 5 Bids Farewell to Couch Coop

Remember the days of cracking open that fresh wrapping around Halo CE and excitedly playing couch coop with your buddy on a tiny sd tv? It appears those days are gone. According to information from the upcoming Game Informer magazine, Halo 5 will not have split-screen cooperative play. It will have free cooperative online play however, which is nice; but it doesn’t negate the fact that a staple to the series isn’t going to be in Microsoft’s most important franchise.

Halo 5 will be the main driver for Microsoft this holiday season. The series has completely altered the landscape of first-person shooters, but the omission of such a known commodity in the series could have a negative impact on the franchise. Couch coop is such an easy way to capitalize on nostalgia for longtime fans of the series, especially with more and more titles doing away with the feature. Will the omission of split-screen coop make you hesitant to pick up the title?

Halo 5 is set to release exclusively on Xbox One on Oct. 27, 2015.


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