Street Fighter V Set to Release in March 2016 + New Details

New details coming in for Street Fighter V from Shortlist Magazine. There’s confirmation of the gameplay mechanic called, “V-trigger,” which you gain by taking damage. Players then can use V-trigger to activate moves such as Chun-li’s double fireballs, or Charlie’s fancy teleports. There’s  another new mechanic called,  “V-Skill,” which allows stance changes for defensive options. Ryu gets a parry and Bison gets to deflect fireballs.

Expect each character to have a unique stance and V-trigger gauge usage. The now flashy Ultras are being renamed Critical Arts and activated through your EX meter like older Street Fighter titles.  Also unveiled were two new stages one set in China, the other set in London called “Kings Cross Station”. We will have more on Street Fighter V as E3 approaches, stay tuned as we will have impressions next week.



Source: EventHub

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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