Batman Spotlight: Dick Grayson The Boy Wonder

Everyone knows Dick Grayson as Batman’s sidekick Robin,but  I’ve always seen Dick Grayson as Bruce Wayne’s legitimate son more so than Damien Wayne. What i took from Dick Grayson over the years is that sometimes you have to follow your own path to find yourself while still respecting the values you grew up with. Robin was introduced in Detective Comics #38. Orphaned at a very young age and adopted by the World’s greatest Detective, that can be a handful, but Dick as Robin has been able to hold his own.

Thanks to his tactical experience fighting crime as the boy wonder, he got to lead his own team; The Teen Titans and later dropping the Robin mantle onto another masked vigilante. He called himself Nightwing, and took authority with into his own hands instead of following Bruce’s methods.



Teen Titans/Young Justice

Grayson played a big role in the creation of the Teen Titans as he started the team after initially saving members of the Justice League who were mind controlled. From then on, Dick Grayson, Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl and Aqua formed the first original Teen Titans team. Grayson started a trend with the Teen Titans and it seemed like Batman sidekicks will always be the most skillful and tactical leaders. Grayson was also apart of the first Teen Titans cartoon run, which had one thing exclusive to him, and that was the relationship with Starfire.

In the new Teen Titans, Grayson is replaced by Batman’s Third Robin, Tim Drake. In the animated series, Young Justice Grayson introduced as a 13 year old boy again and is the most experienced out the crew. In Season 2, Grayson is invited to join the Justice League but refuses the offer and remains with Young Justice. Grayson was shown leading the group during Invasion but then gives leadership back to AquaLad and continued on with his business.


Battle for The Cowl

Grayson has also taken up the mantle as Batman, but doing so made him test his skills against another former Robin in Jason Todd. While Jason has the skills to take up the Batman Mantle, he lacked mental preparation which Dick proved to possess. Overcoming the odds, Dick Destroyed Jason flawlessly using the skills he learned over the years and was holding back trying to calm down the destructive nature of Todd.




Batman vs Robin (Movie)

Dick had a very interesting role in Batman vs Robin, he seemed very level-headed to all the scenarios around him. Damien Wayne wanted to rebel so much from Bruce style of things. While Bruce kept trying to keep Damien on the right path, Dick suggested that he should let Damien be and reassured him that he will be ok as, he himself went through a constructive journey.  It showed that beyond all the rebelliousness Dick went through the years, he still respected and cared for Bruce; even taking up babysitting Damien which ended up in an aggressive fight. Later on Dick helps Bruce defeat The Court of Owls.




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