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Street Fighter V Two New Characters Leak!

Looks like info from E3 is leaking all over the place. This time it’s about the two characters getting revealed, fans should be excited as Cammy and Birdie join the cast of Street Fighter V the sources come from a German Magazine . Here’s a translation from the site.

“Among the already known participants Ryu , Chun – Li , Nash and M. Bison , the veterans Cammy White and Birdie join . Cammy plays fast as ever , the lively lady sets primarily on speed and melee attacks . Birdie on the other hand is a huge chunk , he cuts neatly and puts a lot . The Colossus is very immobile , but his iron chain has a not to be underestimated coverage . Therefore, the giant in the current pre-release is also clearly too strong . Here Capcom still has screws on the balance !”

We will have impressions for Street Fighter V next week as E3 Approaches.


Source: ComputerBild

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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