Fallout 4 Info Blowout! Gameplay, Pipboys, Customization

From Bethesda’s showcase, a plethora of new information about Fallout 4. Firstly, the character creator takes place in the bathroom looking at the mirror. The menu is seamlessly integrated by the cursor and selecting a portion of the face. In addition to the male character, players can create female characters as well. Dialogue trees return allowing players to be as inquisitive to NPCs as possible. The game properly takes place 200 years after the detonation in, and around, Boston. The Wasteland is completely explorable as with past Fallout titles. The dog seen in the trailer will play a part in scouring the Wasteland as the player will give it commands.


Crafting is completely realtime with almost everything in the world being able to be scrapped. The player can then build settlements that will allow citizens to join the settlement and sell all sorts of goods. Weapons are also completely modifiable. The game has around 50 base weapons that can be completely customized with several different parts that change how it operates. On top of weapons power armor is modifiable as well.


The Pipboy is completely redesigned this time around and will be available in a physical version in the collector’s edition. The Fallout 4 Pipboy will house smartphones and will have an app that will have all of the character’s stats available as a second screen experience. The app will be available outside of the collector’s edition Pipboy and will be compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Also announced was Fallout Shelter; a mobile game that allows the player to take control of a vault; everything from upgrading the layout, to starting raids to producing more dwellers.  The game will be free and will not have a constant connection to the internet, have no paywalls and will be available on the iTunes app store tonight.


Fallout 4 will be out November 10th, 2015 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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