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Doom: Multiplayer, Combat, and Snapmap

At tonight’s Bethesda showcase, iD showed off the new Doom title. The teaser showcased the super shotgun, but this new gameplay footage is showing off the fan favorite chainsaw. Which is making quick work of demons in your way. On top of the returning weapons, there are new visceral finishers that will take down those pesky demons. The game will take place on a research base on Mars as well as take place in Hell. While the gameplay is fast and frenetic, there are slight pauses while the player changes weapons using the weapon wheel.

Doom will also have multiplayer that boasts several gameplay modes which will include unique powerups.

Doom Snapmap is going to be how Doom players can share maps and modes with other people; similar to Halo’s Forge mode. Completely create new maps as well as user created modes.

Doom is scheduled for Spring 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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