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Bethesda E3 Showcase Report Card

Very exciting stuff coming from Bethesda tonight they showed us the games we wanted. First Bethesda started off with their latest entry in the Doom series which, in my opinion, looked very good. Even though it wasn’t nearly as polished as their other titles, I felt the new Doom captured the very essence of what makes it great. No two weapon mechanics, the weapon wheel returns, and very fast and frantic gameplay like the original titles. At first Doom started with a pre-rendered video but as they continued on to the gameplay it looked pretty good and just what i expected from the sequel. Also announced for Doom was the Doom SnapMap which allows you to create maps, game modes, and also lets you share them across Bethesda Net with the touch of a button. Doom is still very far off but looks to be releasing in 2016.

Bethesda E3 Showcase

Next up BattleCry which I found to be very wonky in terms of visuals and animations. It did look like it could be a nice title once out of beta. Bethesda announced that the beta will be coming to a much larger audience in the coming months, so its good to hear as it looked very incomplete but featured nice team based multi-player elements. The next two games I felt were very filler based as they did a Elder Scrolls Online coming soon trailer. Followed by The Elders Scrolls Legends which was only a teaser trailer to a card game.

Next up Dishonored 2 and the announcement of Dishonored: Definitive Edition. No gameplay was shown of Dishonored 2 but the concepts of the trailer were well done and if they even hit somewhat close to the trailer we’re in for a amazing time. Dishonored: Definitive Edition is adding all the expansions and even contain upgraded visuals. For many who have missed out in the Dishonored Franchise, this would be the perfect time to catch back up. Dishonored: Definitive Edition is releasing in August for $39.99.


And finally we have the biggest title at the showcase Fallout 4. This game made me grin so hard at the showcase; what they showed off was very in-depth compared to a lot of titles on the market now. What was shown of Fallout 4 was very consistent and polished for being far off from release. The gameplay shown was a perfect example on how not to break immersion, with everything flowing so well. Making your character has become an easier and fluid thing to do in Fallout 4.

The customization looks amazing. Everything from customizing your armor to just about every weapon in the game is going to make replayability high. The level of customization doesn’t only work with weapons and armor, you can customize your nuclear town and make it feel like home. While making a fort, you can create defensive tools used to fend off any bandits in the area. Making Fallout 4 even a bigger game in terms of exploration.


Bethesda also is creating a replica of the PIP-Boy featured in the Fallout games which you can use by attaching your phone into the slot and can control menu options directly from the PIP-Boy attachment that’s only available if you pre-order the collectors edition of Fallout 4. To end off the show Bethesda revealed a mobile title which is available on IOS tonight (Android release coming soon) called Fallout Shelter. This title gives you control of a vault and lets you micromanage it, very similar to The Sims and SimCity.

Bethesda mentioned no paywalls for Fallout Shelter, it’s a pure standalone title on its own. So no pay to play, no waiting on timers, just if you want extra items you have the option to pay for them which is real cool in this day and age where every app is trying to get money out of you. Overall Bethesda really kicked off E3 with a good conference, not that much filler but I wished they showed off at least another title they had in the works.


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