‘Hatred’ Q & A

The folks over at Destructive Creations were kind enough to answer a few questions about their recently released title, Hatred. Check out the Q & A below, and look for a review of Hatred early next week. Big thanks to Destructive Creations.

1)How did the idea of creating Hatred come about?

[Przemysław Szczepaniak, Business Development Manager] Hatred has a few inspirations. The biggest one came with Postal 1. Jarosław Zieliński (our founder) always wanted to make his own version of this game, but with more dark and disturbing atmosphere. The dark theme came actually from the noir Sin City movie. We liked the idea of black and white world with some lights and blood in colors. 

2)Were you prepared for the “backlash” toward the game from certain people within the community?

[P. Sz.] We knew that it will happen, and we knew that we will be criticized by the mainstream media. We didn’t worry much about the bad press in the moment when game was accepted for Steam release. We have many fans backing us up, and they – the players are our most important critics. There is a market for such gaming and thousands of players prove that they wanted Hatred to be released, to play it and have fun.

3)How will the creation of this game and it’s reception have an impact on the studio’s next title?

[P. Sz.] None. The idea for next project was in the plans for a long time, and it will not be affected by any reaction from the media or players to Hatred, because it will be a different game. The only thing here is that we know that the next title must be a really solid production. We achieved a lot as a small studio, and we have to do our best not to fail in the future.

4)Why do you think your title was singled out when games with similar amounts and depictions of murder seemingly get a pass?

[P. Sz.] It’s obvious I think. The game context, lack of justification for violence, and being kinda rebellious towards current politically correct market trends. Frankly, the game is no different from many other games in the means of level of violence, hence it is even less violent than some titles available on market.

5)What was it like when Gabe himself reached out to you and put the title back on Greenlight?

[P. Sz.] It was like a blessing and it was something amazing 🙂 It’s awesome that he got interested in our game and his intervention was done in the right moment. He knew that this game is no different from many other games on the market, and we are happy that he gave us that chance to prove that it’s worth to appear on Steam with Hatred.

6)What’s next for the team?

[P. Sz.] Firstly we want to fix the current bugs, issues and optimization. Then we need some break (Holidays). We also plan a few patches with some new features to the gameplay around late Summer/Autumn. At the same time we will be preparing to start a new project, but still can’t reveal what it will be.


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