SKullgirls Developers announce new game, Indivisible

Over the last year, Lab Zero Game brought forth the crazy and incredibly addicting fighting game, Skullgirls. Lauded for its animated, grpahic visuals, insane fighting mechanics, and overall presentation, the game has been a huge success. Today, the stduio has announced the creation of a brand new game. From the fighting of Skulls girls comes the adventure of Indivisable.

Indivsable is a new IP and plays as an action/RPG in the spirit of games such as Super Metroid. Indiviseable has players star as a young warrior, Ajna. Ajna is gited with specialm mysterious powers, but she has no idea how and why she got them. She sets out on a global adventure to discover the truth. The game will feature a deep storyline, woven in Southeast Asian myth and lore, as well as feature a full score from legendary composer Horki Kikuta.

Neither platforms nor release dates have been given. Follow Lab Zero games on social media for more information.

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