Activision Surprises next-gen owners with PROTOTYPE BIOHAZARD Bundle

Activision made an incredibly surprising announcement today with the release of the Prototype Biohazard Bundle. With no teasing or promotional collateral, Activision has released a launch trailer and has announced that th games will be available together, starting today. Communications manager Scott Lowe release the news today on the Activision forums, touting that both games feature new enhancements. The games have improved framerates, textures, and other visual and audio improvements. The team managed to secure most of the exclsuive retailer DLC as well. The bundle also contains all additional content. The bundle will be available today on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. The bundle is exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One.

The original Prototype game was released in the summer of 2009. As Alex Mercer, you are infected wth a mutaigenic virus that has turned yor body into a living, breathing, organic weapon of mass destruction. Your powers are amorphous and you have the power to shapeshit, in addition to super strength. Players take to the city on quest to discover the truth, fighting mutants and miliatary units. Prototype 2 was released in 2012 and follow a lone, vengeful soldier, James Heller. Seeking revenge against Alex for the death of his family, he pursues him, only to be infected with the virus. The military turns against James, and using his newfound powers, he must seek help form Alex while taking down the a government conspiracy.

Following the release of these two games, Activison shutdown Radical entertainment.

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