New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Released

Square Enix has just released three brand new screen shots for their anticipated RPG,Final Fantasy XV. The first screenshot showcases Noctis and the rest of his party in their car above a river. The second screenshot shows Noctis and his party in a city a hotel (which has a logo that is suspiciously similar to the Hilton logo). The third screenshot shows Notcis in an eerie underground dungeon. These screenshots look absolutely beautiful, and yet again show the promising ascetic of this game.

Below are the three screen shot released by Square Enix along with their explanatory captions:








The four continue their drive along the clear river, passing through the coniferous trees. Should they go full speed straight toward their destination, or take time and explore the surroundings? It is up to players to choose.









Lestallum, a city positioned in the lands of Duscae. Using Cuba as a motif for the design, the vibrant city is full of people and life. A large building that stands out is the hotel. It’s probably a good place to rest and relieve some tiredness from the long trip.








An underground dungeon with an eerie atmosphere. For a long time, this dungeon has seen no traces of human activity. But is there something else currently living here?


The game was recently slated for a 2016 release by the game’s director, Hajime Tabata.

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