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Chances are if you’re a runner, or do any type of cardio activity you know the gut-wrenching feeling of knocking your earbuds out your ear and crushing them or worst doing the same to your iPhone. Music and fitness go together like the Moon and ocean tides; it’s the rhythm that keeps you going. Jabra has created an athlete focused bluetooth earbuds dubbed Jabra Sport Coach that’s designed to be minimal but keep the sound flowing. “If you have a body, you’re an athlete”, those words of Bill Bowerman are motivation to those of us reluctant to leave our couches — nontheless here’s my experience with the Japra Sport Coach.


Admittedly I am not the biggest self-proclaimed athlete, during the early Spring months I like to occasionally play basketball, football, and I’m trying to learn tennis. My core fitness level could use some substantial improvements; cardio activity would help dramatically improve my endurance. Jabra’s Sport Coach wireless earbuds came to me in the nick of time as I had just recently lost my deteriorating PowerBeats 2. My first venture with the Sports Coach was a casual stroll throughout the streets of Clinton Hill & Fort Greene Brooklyn in which I was occasionally greeted by the Jabra Sport app’s digital coach who alerted me of my walk’s distance, cadence (steps per minute), calories burned, and time per mile trends. Because I’m such a wimp in the fitness game, I didn’t get to experience the catalog of workouts such as Interval Training, and multiple Cross Training courses programed into the Jabra Sports Life app; my sessions consistent of light jogging & fast paced walking. Additionally you have the option of setting calorie or time benchmarks for your workout. The Sport Coach earbuds feature a motion sensor built-inside that accurately track your movements, a massive connivence if you hate extra baggage during your runs. This data is logged in your Sport Life app for personal fitness legacy purposes and achievements.


The Jabra Sport Coach bluetooth earbuds are probably the first sport earbuds in its kind that I’ve experienced that aren’t featuring an ear hook to secure your J.Cole (hip-hop music) during your workout. Don’t fret; the system Jabra utilizes to make sure your earbuds stay in place works surprisingly well. The Sport Coach earbuds provides small rubber spokes in multiple sizes that provide a secure in-ear fit; you won’t be able to remove them without your hands. The secure and more comfortable fit of the earbuds compensates for a less than average volume level in comparison to the PowerBeats 2 for example. Admittedly I am not an audiophile but the Dolby sound quality should be efficient for 90% of the users who experience it. The battery for the Sport Coach earbuds will run you around 5-6 hours on continuous use; this is about average and should be enough for most users.

The Jabra Sport Coach is a niche targeted audio accessory that’s immediately attractive to those who embrace fitness as a lifestyle rather than chore. The functionality of the Sport Life app combined with the comfort and motion sensing capability of the Sport Coach earbuds make every activity efficient while recording your progression. At $149.99 retail, the Jabra Sport Coach isn’t a wallet buster considering other earbuds within this category; but I’d assume anyone spending that amount of money on bluetooth earbuds is rather serious about their fitness or getting fit in general. Not a bad investment at all.

Editor's Rating

Design 90%
Sound 80%
Price 90%
Being an athlete requires growth and consistency. The Sport Coach bluetooth earbuds are essential to any cardio workout. Sport Life keeps you on pace. The comfort and sound quality will satisfy most users.
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