Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition Announced

Street Fighter fans should be excited to learn that Street Fighter V will be available in a Collector’s edition on release. Retailing at $99.99, the game will come with:

  • Street Fighter V disc
  • 10″ fully painted Ryu statue
  • A 48 page artbook
  • A download code for a collection of Udon Street Fighter Comics
  • A soundtrack sampler
  • And a 1 month subscription to the Capcom Fighter Channel on Twitch


In addition to the Collector’s Edition of Street Fighter V, Capcom has also unveiled the pre-order incentives for several retailers.

Bearded Ryu will be exclusive to preorders at GameStop





Battle Armor Cammy is exclusive to Best Buy

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Amazon will have Battle Armor M. Bison(Dictator) for their preorders:

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And finally, those that preorder through the Playstation Store, or digitally on PC, will get this Chun-Li battle costume:

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